Q – I have an emergency situation, what do I do?
A – You can find any emergency contact numbers on your lease agreement. If you have any life-threatening situations to contact SES.

Q – What’s the time frame for maintenance requests?
A – We aim to solve all requests within 14 days. Please note that all requests are subject to tradesmen availability, and we always endeavour to complete requests as quickly as possible.

Q – What is the process for breaking leases?
A – In the event of a break lease situation, please email your Property Manager advising that you intend on breaking the lease, including the reasoning and the date you intend on leaving. There is a fee involved in breaking a lease which you will need to agree to prior to the break lease being finalised. Once an agreement is reached, you will be sent forms to sign to terminate your tenancy.

Q – What happens if I lose my keys or get locked out?
A – If it is in business hours call your property manager to see if they can let you in. If it is out of hours call the locksmith on your lease, you will be responsible for this cost.

Q – When will we get our bond back?
A – You are provided with a cleaning checklist and a rundown on what we expect at a final bond inspection. When we undertake the inspection, if the property presents well and is in the same condition as when it was handed over (minus fair wear and tear) tenants will receive their bond back within days. If, however, the property does not present to the same standard, this will cause delays.

Q – How do I report a maintenance issue?
A – You can report maintenance issues by contacting your property manager through phone, email or you can put a maintenance request through the tenancy portal. Please provide a detailed description of the problem so we can arrange for necessary repairs promptly.